The Ritter Sport Chocolate: 10 Ways to Catch a New Business Idea

A factory of Ritter’s Family produces 2.5 million bars of chocolate daily and sells them in 95 countries. The distinctive mark of that chocolate bar, beside great quality and variety, is its shape.

In 1932 Clara Ritter, one of the company’s founders, had noticed that the local soccer players had often eaten chocolate after their trainings. As the traditional long tablets broke easily in a pocket, she proposes to produce chocolate that “fits into the pocket of every sports jacket, doesn’t break, and still weighs the same as a normal long bar of chocolate”. The Ritter Sport Chocolate was born.

The research for new ideas, products and services is in many companies an important part of everyday working life. In the rapidly changing market, creativity is an important competitive advantage. But it is challenging in two ways:

  • Because of our selective perception, we recognize what we want to and ignore opposing viewpoints. That make it difficult for us to notice something new and we end up doing the same over and over again
  • Even if you already got a new idea, it is still challenging to implement it, as you need to say goodbye to “good old” things

Although I have good news for you: Following exercises help you to open your mind, gain some new ideas and get ready to implement them

  1. Practice mindfulness and stay in the present. Have you ever experienced something like that? You are in the morning traffic rethinking what happened yesterday and developing strategies for the future. If you catch yourself by doing that next time just go back to the present. Notice your breathing; perceive cars and peoples passing by. Maybe you will suddenly notice something new
  2. Develop a curiosity about opinions of others. Ask questions and don’t assume you know the answer
  3. Get to know the people who don’t have any linkages to you. They could give you insights into topics you didn’t know existed. Try out the
  4. Write an article on a subject you are not familiar with. Go to the university library and do some research on it. Young people and myriads of books around you could be very inspiring
  5. Make an international trip and allow yourself to be inspired by people, food and shops there. Try just to observe everything without criticism
  6. Keep your own book of creative ideas. Make it really colorful by writing or painting ideas and adding pictures or interesting articles
  7. Spends some time, even a few weeks, in other districts or cities, to seek inspiration and soak up the “vibe”
  8. Try out a new dressing style. Ask a good style coach for help. A new style may give you a feeling to be a completely different character as you normally are
  9. Break with habits. If you like to go to sport events, try out a classical concert; if you drive a SUV, rent a convertible for weekend. When I turned 31, I learned skateboarding. As Picasso said: “When they tell me I’m too old to do something, I attempt it immediately.”
  10. And last but not least: play, enjoy and don’t take your research too serious. The muse of creativity loves a childish attitude

About Olga Medinskaya

Olga Medinskaya is a Russian native, author and international culture specialist. She is also the founder of Han De Travel, a travel organization specializing in cultural experiences. Olga has lived and worked for several years in China, Germany, and Russia. She has been educated as an economist at the University of Mainz, Germany, where she earned her master’s degree, and at the University of Rostov, Russia, where she earned her bachelor’s degree.