Slow growth: what small business clients taught us about taking your time

Are you tired of all these 5 best tips to improve your whatever articles? Sometimes we do and that’s why we are going to share the story about one of our slowest client acquisition ever. And why we are happy about it.Siamo talmente bombardati da articoli e link su come aumentare la produttività ed essere più operativi che certe volte ci dimentichiamo le nostre origini culturali. Per questo abbiamo deciso di raccontarvi la storia di uno dei nostri clienti. E del perché siamo orgogliosi di averlo.

About Elisa Vita

"Vita" in Italian means “life”. Elisa’s visual creations just express a strong vitality and no compromises. Elisa graduated from Art College. She determined the total amount of hours spent while graduating: 5,800 hours during which she was drawing, designing, modeling with a pencil in her hand. After college she enrolled at the Faculty of Conservation of Cultural Heritage. Follow Kamigami on Google+ for getting weekly visual inspiration! Join the page and share your visual inspiration on our wall!

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